Gin Kit Mixed Drinks

October 31, 2016

Here are some delicious mixed drink ideas for the finished gin from your Stuart's Spices Gin Kit.

  • Mix 2 oz. gin and 2 oz. grapefruit juice. Muddle with fresh sage leaf or rosemary sprig. Serve in rocks glass, over ice. Alternately, instead of fresh herbs, use Stuart's Spices dried herbs, shake, strain and serve.
  • In a shaker, 2 oz. gin muddled with 1 slice cucumber, ice. Shake, strain and serve up in a martini glass.
  • Mix 1 part St. Germain or elderflower liquor to 2 parts gin, ¼ part dry vermouth or dry white wine. Serve up or on the rocks. 
  • Mash fresh basil with lemon juice; combine with gin and simple syrup.
  • Gin martini: shaken with ice, strained, served up, with lemon strip or with olives