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Many sources claim that mustard is one of the oldest known spices. Reportedly, mustard seeds are even mentioned in ancient Sanskrit writings. They are also said to have been used in both ancient Greece and Rome. While we find this all fascinating, you know what we say? Who cares who ate mustard 5000 years ago – we just want to enjoy it now!

At Stuart's Spices we carry Yellow Mustard Seeds, Brown Mustard Seeds, Mustard Powder and English Mustard Powder.

Hot (English-style) Mustard Powder

This does not refer to a specific type of Mustard Seed, but more to a spicy style of mustard that was first popularized in the 1800’s. Hot Mustard Powder is a combination of ground yellow and brown seeds, and as a result, is more pungent than plain Mustard Powder. Sometimes turmeric or flour may be added, but our Hot Mustard Powder has only the ground mustard seeds. It is gluten free, just like our regular Mustard Powder.

Mustard powder can be mixed with water to make a mustard paste. The water initiates an enzymatic process that releases the pungency of the mustard. Using hot water, though, inhibits the enzyme process, limiting the amount of “heat” of the paste. Acidic substances such as vinegar also stop the enzymatic process.

Here are a few ideas for using mustard powder:

  • The obvious – when made into mustard, it’s a great condiment for hots, burgers, chicken, French fries, cheese, sausage, sandwiches, and so many other foods!
  • Mustard powder is often found in BBQ rubs and sauces
  • Major component of a spice mixture for cooking meats and seafood.
  • Add a little mustard powder to salad dressings


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