Bloody Mary Mix

We wanted to come up with a Bloody Mary Mix that needed no "wet" ingredients to be added (except the tomato juice and vodka). We know that there will be those who still add more of their favorite ingredient - we can only make what WE think is the perfect Bloody Mary!

As an added bonus, our Bloody Mary Mix is vegan. For those of you who are not vegetarians, you would have no idea why we would ever mention this. Well, Worcestershire, an ingredient in Bloody Marys, generally contains anchovies. We make our own Worcestershire Powder using Nori in place of anchovies, still bringing a salty taste to the blend.

As is generally the case, doing research into the origins of an item results in more than one explanation. So it is with the Bloody Mary. It is generally believed that Fernand Petiot, an American working as a bartender in Paris, France, first came up with the drink in 1921. At that time it was ½ tomato juice and ½ vodka. When he returned to the US he began making the drink for his NYC customers, who found the drink bland. His solution is closer to what we have come to know – a spicy, citrus-y mixture with flavors of dill and celery.

Other suggested origins include that it was named after Queen Mary I of England as a result of her massacre of masses of Protestants; or that George Jessel introduced the drink in NYC in 1939. Still other references refer to folklore surrounding the incantation of the words Bloody Mary to conjure up ghosts or spirits, for good or bad purposes.

Mix 1 tsp Bloody Mary with one shot of vodka and 6-8 oz tomato, V8 or Clamato juice.

Bloody Marys are all about enjoying life. Hopefully these photos get you thinking - how do you enjoy life?

Our own recipe, blended with our Worcestershire seasoning (salt, dextrose, garlic, onion, HVP hydrolyzed soy protein, tapioca starch, cloves, nori, cayenne, mustard, black pepper), wasabi powder, citric acid, black pepper, dill weed, cayenne, celery, and lemon oil.

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