Mustard Kit, Stuart's Stout

We love our kits, and our Stout Mustard Kit has been a huge hit since we came out with it in 2011. You put the contents of the kit into a glass jar, add 6 oz of your favorite stout beer and 4 oz of wine vinegar, let it set overnight, then put it into your food processor and voila! You have 2 cups of amazingly great tasting spicy mustard! Mustard isn't just for hots and hamburgers - it's great all year round for putting on cheese, sausage, salami, pretzels. Perfect for football games!

If you don't want the alcohol, substitute a cola product and apple cider vinegar. Still tastes great!

Our own recipe, blended with yellow and brown mustard seeds, salt, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves

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