Paprika Smoked Spanish

Smoked Spanish Paprika has been smoked over an oak fire which brings out a characteristic smoky aroma and flavor. This is a flavor profile that can make a good dish great. At the same time, a smoky flavor is not always the taste we are looking for. It has become popular in use with BBQ. Also great for seafood dishes.

Paprika comes from grinding milder chili peppers grown in specific regions of the world. Most of us are familiar with Hungarian paprika, but paprika comes from other countries, as well. Spain is another country known for its high quality paprika. Paprika is recognized by its bright red color and often used as a garnish or to color food items, but it also has a distinctive and pleasant flavor, which can range from mild to pungent, sweet to hot. Its color can range from bright orange to red to even a reddish brown. Its flavor is best brought out when heated.

There are many varieties of paprika, and here at Stuart’s, we carry 3 varieties: Spanish, Hungarian, and Smoked Spanish.

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