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7-9 pm

754 S. Clinton Avenue

Have fun dancing to lively Texas Two-step &  Country Waltz music – easy to learn, fun to do! Come with or without a partner. We will accompany your dancing with hearty samples of barbecue and specialties featuring Stuart's Spices blends: pulled pork, vegetarian beans, tasty salads, and of course Volcanic cookies for dessert!

Registration: $20/person
Call Stuart's Spices to register at 585-436-9329

ESTHER BRILL & RJ RUBLE > PERSONAL DANCE TRAINERS < Esther founded Rochester Swing Dance Network in 1994. Esther & RJ have developed their unique teaching approach, “Can-Do” Dancing, featuring lively & expert instruction. Their charisma & energy make for a fun, positive dance experience!





Tasting and Demo Classes

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We have a great time sharing spice information and cooking tips at classes held in the shop.
2017 Completed Topics:
Pepper Demystified
Artisan Salts
Corned Beef and Pastrami
Sausage and Jerky Making
2016 Topics:
BBQ & Smoke
Marinades and Brines
Sausage and Jerky Making
Pepper Demystified
Artisan Salts 
Corned Beef and Pastrami
Fall Flavors & Holiday Cooking
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Customized Private Tasting Events for Your Group

The sky is the limit on these tastings! If you would like to set up a tasting & demo event for your family, friends, co-workers, Girl Scout or Boy Scout group, 4-H group, or any other group - email  The tasting and demo can be focused on a holiday, a specific theme (camping, BBQ, vegetarian, etc), or just good food!  The events are a combination of some food we make together, and, for the sake of time, some food we have already prepared. As you taste the delicious dishes, we will talk about the spices we use & the role they play in food preparation. We will be able to answer all your spice questions as we go along. Per person cost is dependent on the menu choices.

We hope you love learning about food and spices as much as we do!