Chili Seasoning Cool

Talk about a dish with many legends and stories describing its origins! There seems to be consensus that chili originated in America, likely finding its roots in Texas. It has been said that it was a poor man’s stew or a stew eaten on cattle drives. Whatever its origins, it remains a classic. And while often thought of as a cold weather dish, thanks to its popularity, it has become a category at BBQ Competitions, and now enjoyed year round.

Another area holding many opinions is what goes into chili. There are as many answers to this as there are states and regions. Chili con Carne means chili peppers with beef, leading chili purists to say that chili has only meat, no beans. For others, beans seem to go hand-in-hand. Some use ground meat while others insist that true chili uses chunks of meat. And let’s not forget about how popular vegetarian chili has become, with many vegetables along with a variety of beans.

So what’s our opinion here at Stuart’s?

Every pot of chili is a unique experience. Create your own version, experiment, and in the end – enjoy!

Just as there are many styles of chili, there are also innumerable chili seasoning mixes on the market. As with the chili recipe, experiment and find what you like. Here at Stuart’s we have 3 different chili options - Cool Chili, Ancho Chili and Med-Hot Chili.

Cool Chili Seasoning: All the taste of traditional chili, without any heat. Many people prefer this chili for just that reason - no heat. You then have your choice of leaving it as is, or adding the flavor of heat you enjoy, along with adjusting how much heat you choose. If you are cooking for mixed palates, where some like it hot and some not, this is the perfect solution – just add the heat at the table.

Our own recipe, blended with ground chili peppers, cumin, garlic, oregano, and salt.

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