Harissa Seasoning

This spicy chili pepper paste is a staple in the Middle East and North African countries, and with our kit this traditional topping is simple to make and certain to WOW! The rich, complex flavors of the spices, mixed with the spicy peppers, wake up your taste buds. Great on chicken, lamb, fish, vegetables, cous cous, and other grain dishes, and a perfect complement to chickpeas. Can be used as a rub on food, cooked into the food, or served as a condiment to add robust flavor at the table.

This product is the seasoning blend, without any chili peppers. This way, you can purchase dried peppers of your own choice or use fresh peppers to flavor and heat up the paste to your own liking. If you prefer, we sell 3 different kits, with either Guajillo, Ancho or Chipotle peppers.

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