Memphis Style Dry Rub

The South is known for its BBQ, and Memphis is one of the cities that has made the map with its unique dry rub style. Traditionally, Southern BBQ, including Memphis style dry rubs, means pork, whether it's pork ribs, pulled pork, or chopped pork. We say - if it's good on pork, then why not on chicken or brisket?

It is said that “real BBQ,” as opposed to grilling, means that the meat is cooked under low, constant temperatures in an enclosed space, which ensures that the meat becomes so tender that, when done, it pretty much falls off the bone. Memphis dry rubs are often stand-alone: the meats are not “mopped” with sauces, though they are sometimes served with sauce on the side.

Apply the rub very generously to the meat about 24 hours in advance and refrigerate overnight. This allows the salt to tenderize the meat and the spices to penetrate, bringing full flavor to every bite. The thick layer of rub allows the much desired crispy, caramelized crust to form on the meat.

Our own recipe, blended with brown sugar, salt, cumin, garlic, black pepper, celery seed, paprika, onion, tapioca flour, rice flour, cayenne, and paprika oleoresin.

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