Peppercorns 4 Color

A beautiful array of 4 different color peppercorns, providing the palate different flavor notes. 

Black Peppercorns in this blend are the same deliciously pungent, premium, fully mature Lampung peppercorns that we sell both as peppercorns and grind fresh right in our shop.

White Peppercorns are actually ripe black peppercorns that have had their outer black casing removed. This provides what is often described as a more subtle flavor than black peppercorns.

Green peppercorns are less mature black peppercorns, harvested at a younger stage of growth. This provides a more mild flavor.

Pink Peppercorns are actually not true peppercorns; they are a berry from a shrub that is related to cashews. They are referred to as peppercorns because they are the same shape and size as peppercorns. They offer a rich, sweet flavor. People with a tree nut allergy, specifically a cashew allergy, may experience an allergic reaction to pink peppercorns.



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