Dill Seed

Dill is an ancient herb, having been found in writings in Egyptian tombs, Roman ruins, and in Viking lore for both culinary and medicinal uses. It is native to the Mediterranean region, western Asia, and Eastern Europe. Dill's name actually comes from the old Norse word dilla which means to soothe or lull.

Dill weed and dill seed both come from the dill plant. Dill weed has a bright green color, coming from the feathery, fernlike leaves of the plant. Dill Seed, as the name implies, is the seed of the plant. Dill weed and Dill seed have very different flavor profiles. The weed has a lighter and sweeter flavor than dill seed, which is more pungent and robust in flavor. 

Dill Seed

Dill seed has a crisp and slightly pungent flavor. It has been described as having a flavor similar to caraway. The seeds hold up to strong heat, and the flavor is released with the longer heating. The seeds are great for pickling, soups, and pair well with fish. It also pairs well with mustard and coriander. The seeds can be toasted and used to top salads or other dishes. Alternatively, after toasting, seeds can be used in cooking, releasing an even more robust flavor.

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