Poultry Seasoning (Salt Free)

We're all familiar with Poultry Seasoning, and frankly, most people would assume that all Poultry Seasonings are created equal. At Stuart's Spices, we beg to differ! We fresh grind each of the herbs that go into the blend right in our Shop, creating an amazingly robust aroma and flavor.
Here in Upstate NY, we all know that there's nothing as good as the mouth-watering Cornell BBQ Chicken. We love eating it at Firemen's Carnivals, Rotary BBQs, Church BBQs, and in our own backyards. One basic ingredient? Poultry Seasoning! You can smell the chicken cooking from a mile away! If you haven't had the pleasure of eating this Upstate favorite, let us know and we'll give you the recipe!
Besides being used in the Cornell BBQ, Poultry Seasoning is the backbone for cooking your Thanksgiving (or any-time-of year) turkey, stuffing, chicken stews, chicken or veggie pot pies, or anytime you want to brighten up your poultry.

Our own recipe, blended with rosemary, savory, celery seed, sage, black pepper, marjoram, tarragon, and rice flour.

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