Salad Seasoning (Salt Free)

Great seasoning to liven up your salads. Chocked full of sesame seeds, celery seeds, and poppy seeds, along with some of your favorite herbs. The seeds add not just flavor but also a little texture to your seasoning. No picnic is complete without the salads that never go out of style, and Salad Seasoning is there to make these regulars GREAT!

 Here are some other ideas for Salad Seasoning:

  • A favorite in potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, broccoli slaw. We tend to use it quite generously - several Tbsp, even 1/4 cup, in a large bowl of potato salad or coleslaw.
  • Brush olive oil on veggies, add seasoning & grill. Or toss onto grilled veggies just after they come off the grill.
  • Thinking sesame seeds? Turn to Salad Seasoning instead -  3 seeds instead of 1! You can even toast this seasoning, just like sesame seeds.
  • Adds flavor & great crust to grilled, baked or pan-fried fish. Rub on both sides of fish. After cooking, a squirt of lemon brightens the flavors even more!
  • More of a tofu lover? Coat both sides of tofu generously with the Salad Seasoning, sear in pan with hot oil. If grilling, mix seasoning with oil, then apply to tofu. Don’t forget the squirt of lemon when serving.
  • Toasted garbanzo beans - toss 1 can rinsed beans with 1 tsp oil & 2 Tbsp Salad Seasoning. Bake for 10-15 min at 375 or cook in pan over medium heat for 3-6 min. Remove from heat, add juice of 1 lime. Serve warm or cold. (Optional-add lime zest) We love wrapping them in aluminum foil and tossing on the grill!

Our own recipe, blended with sesame seeds, celery seeds, garlic, onion, poppy seeds, dill weed, paprika, and black pepper

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